Ink Stains

Inks I’m evaluating.

Monteverde Blue Horizon

Monteverde Horizon Blue

This is a non-shading, non-shimmering, non-sheening, non-fragrant law office blue lubricated ink. This ink is a joy to write with, offering good solid lines, no bleed through, even on cheap uncoated paper, with little to no feathering. The blue is vivid but it’s a very common blue. It dries fast and has a decent amount of permanence. I don’t stain my hands or clothes with this ink unless I poke myself with its nib.

This is a great ink for business. I chose this ink as the first ink to use in my first pen and I chose the cartridges rather than bottle ink. This ink really runs fast through my pen and right now I don’t know enough to know if the usage rate is normal, is high due to my pen or high due to this ink. I do know that I’ll probably always have a pen inked with this ink.

J. Herbin Poussier du Lune

J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune

J. Herbin has created a beautiful burgundy shade for this ink. It shades very well going to an almost black where the ink pools the most. While not lubricated it still starts and runs well in my Jinhao X450 with a medium nib. With this ink my nib glides across even cheap paper.

This ink will spread out so for very fine lines this may not be the ink to use. However, I’ve had several compliments on the ink color and it performs well on good fountain pen paper and even cheap Vietnamese paper. And while the burgundy color may not be proper for official office use I can’t see it being a problem for note taking. This ink is perfect for journaling.