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evin McCarthy made at least eleven attempts to be elected Speaker of the House. He finally achieved winning that position after giving up much of the power of being Speaker. A group of twenty conservative Republicans denied him the job until he acquiesced to their demands. 

For those of you who want to blame the Republicans for this stalemate in congress let me remind you that the Speaker of the House is not a partisan position. If electing a Speaker was so important the Democrats could have deprived those conservative Republicans of their goal by voting for Rep. McCarthy on the second day. They didn’t because they wanted the Republicans to get the blame for Congress’ dysfunction. 

In my last post I mentioned that I’m an independent voter and why. We could elect independent legislators and probably would if ballot access laws were adjusted to make a level playing field for independents getting on the ballot. Just think if half a dozen or more of the House of Representatives were independent legislators. They could have easily made selecting a Speaker a much easier or much harder task. 

I don’t think that is a bad thing. 

The House Speaker is not required to be an elected member of congress. Liz Cheney, for example, could hold the office. (Personally I would have loved to see Nikki Halley in that job as an unelected, non-voting member of Congress.)

I’m anxious to see how Speaker McCarthy handles the job with most of the power of the office stripped from him. I’m also anxious to see how this affects future Speakers and I hope it brings on future Speakers who are independent, non-voting members of Congress.

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