My Own Personal Planner System

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There was a time when I was a Daytimer user. I tried for years to be a religious user of their system and try to manage my time the way Daytimer wanted me to. The problem was, my mind doesn’t work quiet the same way Daytimer wanted it to for me to feel compelled to use their system. I knew I ought to, it just didn’t work for me.

The problem is that I only need the calendar function for an overview. The calendar on my phone and in my email client is for the more specific. However, most planners are calendar centered, insisting that the calendar be front and center. I use a planner for note taking and list making. Those don’t work to well for me in electronic form.

I also work best when I don’t categorize my note taking and I’m not forced to use only a certain number of pages per day. When I fill this notebook up I’ll start another one and that start could be any time, not at the beginning of a year, a month, a week or a day. Let me doodle in it also.

Right now my notebook has one page my granddaughter used to try out my fountain pen. I love it being there. There is also poetry, class notes and even some gibberish from where I was trying out an ink.

So let me encourage you to do the same. If the Daytimer or Franklin-Covey planners work for you, by all means use them but if you feel you are being shoehorned into something that feels unnatural and you have to force yourself to use one then figure out your own system and build what will work for you.

A Mnemosyne 195A works perfectly for me as a notebook. The paper handles my fountain pen wonderfully and the ruled lines are the perfect distance apart. But there are tons of other notebooks out there. Mead composition books and a Bic may be all you need.

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