A Cheap Pen

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Classes start January 8, 2020 and I really needed to figure out a better method of note taking. Typing just doesn’t cut it, whether on a notebook, a tablet or phone. Using a ball point, roller ball, or pencil results in writer’s cramp pretty fast for me so what do I do?

Recording the lecture just won’t work. I need a way to retrieve what I need to study and refer back to it in ways just trying to relisten to the lecture just isn’t conducive to. So what about a fountain pen?

Jinhao pen with Monteverde Horizon Blue inkSo I do some research and find a cheap fountain pen that looks like might be cheap enough to try but has good reviews as far as performance goes. I found one! The Jin Hao XL750, paired with Monteverde Horizon Blue ink cartridges appears to foot the bill just fine for now. It starts and writes without skipping very often and is very comfortable to hold. I can write page after page and run out of things to say before I get tired of writing. Why didn’t I go this route the first time around in college?

One other thing about my experience in purchasing my pen, the Goulet Pen Company has given nothing but exceptional customer service. They have an excellent assortment of fountain pens, ink, and paper. If you aren’t sure of what ink you would like they have samples of a big portion of their inks available for under $2.00. Just watch their shipping cost. It’s $7.50 regardless the cost of the order.

While it is still over a week before my class starts I’ve put the pen to work writing to friends and family and sending out thank you notes. This is much more enjoyable for me than sending emails or text messages.

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