Porter, Paul P

Paul P Porter
b: abt 1904
d: Oct 24 1987
  • abt 1904 - Birth - ; Tennessee
  • Oct 24 1987 - Death -
James S Porter
Aug 1860 - 11 Jul 1924
Paul P Porter
abt 1904 - Oct 24 1987
Clarrinda M "Rinda" Ward
29 Oct 1875 - 12 Nov 1953
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James S Porter
BirthAug 1860Rhea County, Tennessee, USA
Death11 Jul 1924 Coop, Rhea, Tennessee
Marriage1898to Clarrinda M "Rinda" Ward
PARENT (F) Clarrinda M "Rinda" Ward
Birth29 Oct 1875Wolf Creek, Rhea County, Tennessee, United States of America
Death12 Nov 1953 Wolf Creek, Rhea County, Tennessee, United States of America
Marriage1898to James S Porter
MLuke Luther Porter
Birthabt 1908Tennessee
DeathNov 17 1970Tennessee
MMark M Porter
Birth10 Jun 1906Rhea Springs, Rhea County, Tennessee, USA
DeathJune 25 1974Tennessee
MPaul P Porter
Birthabt 1904Tennessee
DeathOct 24 1987
MEugene Clyde Porter
Birthabt 1914Tennessee
Deathbef 1918Tennessee
MSamuel Ralph Porter
Birth11 Mar 1902Tennessee, USA
Death22 Apr 1967Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee, United States of America
FBessie M Porter
BirthFeb 1900Tennessee
DeathSep 13 1971
MBlaine Porter
Birth12 OCT 1911Rhea County, Tennessee
Death24 May 1990Spring City, Rhea County, Tennessee, USA
MJames Roy Porter
Birth24 July 1898Tennessee, USA
DeathDec 10 1925Tennessee
MBurch Leonard Porter
Birth26 Jul 1918Tennessee
Death25 Nov 1995Spring City, Rhea, Tennessee, USA
Marriageto Tina C Porter
Marriage26 SEP 1970to Margaret Layton McCclure