Housley, Cecil Ray

Cecil Ray Housley
b: 07 Mar 1934
d: 15 Oct 2006
  • 07 Mar 1934 - Birth - ; Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee, USA
  • 15 Oct 2006 - Death - ; Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee, USA
James Houston Housley
25 August 1888 - 25 December 1937
Cecil Ray Housley
07 Mar 1934 - 15 Oct 2006
Ada Housley
2 May 1889 - 17 April 1985
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Houston Housley
Birth25 August 1888Rhea County, Tennessee, United States of America
Death25 December 1937 Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee
Marriage20 Mar 1908to Ada Housley at Rhea, Tennessee, United States
PARENT (F) Ada Housley
Birth2 May 1889Washington, Rhea, Tennessee, United States
Death17 April 1985 Dayton, Rhea County, Tennessee, United States of America
Marriage20 Mar 1908to James Houston Housley at Rhea, Tennessee, United States
MBuddie Housley
Birth18 Jan 1914Rhea County, Tennessee
Death18 Jan 1914Rhea County, Tennessee
FFlora Delle Lorena Housley
Birth12 Mar 1916Rhea County, Tennessee, USA
Death31 Oct 1941Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA
MDarwin Cleo Housley
Birth9 Feb 1927Dayton Rhea, Tennessee
Death4 Jan 1990Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee, USA
MLee Earl Housley
Birth06 Jul 1921Rhea County, Tennessee, USA
Death29 Sep 1986Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee, USA
FMary Virginia Housley
Birth10 Jan 1913Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee, United States
Death21 Aug 2007Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee
FBirdie Housley
Birth24 Sep 1910Rhea County, Tennessee, USA
Death16 Jan 1976Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee, USA
FAllie Elizabeth Housley
Birth25 January 1908Rhea County, Tennessee, United States of America
Death16 January 1976Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee, USA
MCecil Ray Housley
Birth07 Mar 1934Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee, USA
Death15 Oct 2006Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee, USA
MFloyd Broyles Housley
Birth24 Apr 1930Dayton, Rhea, Tennessee, USA
Death19 Jan 2016Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee, USA
MJesse Walter Housley
Birth29 Mar 1924Rhea County, Tennessee, USA
Death22 October 2014
MJames Thomas William Melvin Housley
Birth6 January 1919Rhea County, Tennessee
Death28 March 1988Spring City, Rhea, Tennessee, USA
Marriageto Private