Foster, Virgil Floyd

Virgil Floyd Foster
b: 5/4/1898
d: 9/26/1899
  • 5/4/1898 - Birth - ; Catoosa County, Ga
  • 9/26/1899 - Death - ; Catoosa County, Ga
John Young Foster
10/11/1811 - 28 May 1907
Francis Marion Foster
22 November 1853 - 1 February 1924
Mary Ann Nichols
10/5/1815 - 15 Mar 1879
Virgil Floyd Foster
5/4/1898 - 9/26/1899
Stella McCrary
8 Jan 1866 - 23 November 1960
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Francis Marion Foster
Birth22 November 1853Georgia, United States of America
Death1 February 1924 Catoosa County, Georgia, United States of America
MarriageJanuary 30, 1881to Stella McCrary at Catoosa County, Ga
FatherJohn Young Foster
MotherMary Ann Nichols
PARENT (F) Stella McCrary
Birth8 Jan 1866Georgia
Death23 November 1960 Catoosa County, Georgia, United States of America
MarriageJanuary 30, 1881to Francis Marion Foster at Catoosa County, Ga
MFernie Flynn Foster
Birth28 DEC 1891Catoosa County, Ga
Death31 DEC 1949Catoosa, Georgia
Marriageto Bessie Bazlene Holsomback
MVirgil Floyd Foster
Birth5/4/1898Catoosa County, Ga
Death9/26/1899Catoosa County, Ga
FElsie Foster
Birth1901Cattosa Co., Georgia
Death11/10/1959Catoosa County, Ga
MHarry H Foster
Birth7/28/1895Catoosa County, Ga
Death8/19/1981Ringgold, Catoosa, Georgia, USA
MWallace Camble Foster
Birth5/21/1888Catoosa County, Ga
Death3/8/1968Catoosa County, Ga
FNettie M Foster
BirthApril 21, 1886Georgia
Death13 Mar 1981Catoosa, Georgia
MSamuel Taylor "Sammie" Foster
Birth10/01/1883Catoosa County, Ga
Death7/14/1963Catoosa County, Ga
FMaud L Foster
BirthJul 1890Georgia
Death03-12-1977Catoosa County, GA