Trump washes hands of Perdue in Georgia as his campaign limps into final stretch

David Perdue didn’t really want to run against Brian Kemp for he governorship of Georgia but Donald Trump needed someone to do it in his bid to seek vengeance on his once ally for not breaking the law and anointing Trump the winner of the Georgia’s electors in the 2020 election. But Kemp has been on fire in Georgia and David Perdue really had nothing to run on so Perdue’s campaign just never caught on. So the loser Trump picked a loser in Perdue and now Trump has left Perdue high and dry.

Trump isn’t planning to make any more personal appearances in Georgia in Perdue’s behalf, having sunk enough of his own political capital in a race that looks like a lost cause, said a fourth source, a person close to the former president, speaking on condition of anonymity to talk more freely about Perdue’s prospects. 

NBC News

This is all well and good but it would have been much better for all of us had David Perdue never gotten into the governors race at all. He couldn’t even re-win his senate seat against John Ossoff, how did he expect to defeat Stacey Abrams had he won the primary?

I can’t feel sorry for David Perdue, he just isn’t the sort one can feel sorry for but this continues to show what type of loyalty you can expect from Donald Trump. Hopefully the Republican party will see how little political capital he has retained and kick him to the curb as he’s kicking his little candidates to the curb.

He can’t help you Republicans!

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