Pompeo and Afghanistan

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Mike Pompeo is working overtime to keep from being blamed for the current mess in Afghanistan but I’m wondering how successful he can be at it. He was, after all, the architect of the agreement with the Taliban that released 5,000 Taliban prisoners (fighters?) back into the wild as a condition for negotiations. I’m thinking this went a long way toward creating the fighting force that toppled the Afghan army so quickly.

That’s not to say that I hold Biden blameless. He more or less told the Taliban that they were under no obligation to uphold their end of the deal that Pompeo had negotiated at the behest of President Trump. He agreed to an unconditional complete withdrawal of all troops by September 1. The special visas for all the Afghans promised a visa should have all been temporarily granted and pull out for them should have begun January 22. That would give the Biden State Department two days to implement the action, certainly time enough to initiate the action.

But Trump and Pompeo more or less sat on their hands after the deal was made, started bringing home troops and abandoned equipment. The troops shouldn’t have been drawn down until the Afghan interpreters and family were at least in Kabul, ready to evacuate. I don’t think the Pompeo really had any interest in getting those Afghans at risk for working closely with us out of the country. I don’t think the Trump administration any refugees coming into our country.

Mike Pompeo is going to have to own his part in Afghanistan as will his boss, Donald Trump, and George W. Bush who put our troops there in the first place and Barack Obama who pursued a remote control war with his drones. President Biden has just five more days to either pull everyone out, including our Afghan friends, or tell the Taliban we still have people to get out and if they get in our way they will suffer the consequences.

You’d think on their way out the troops could have blown up the equipment they were leaving. Isn’t C4 readily available in bulk on these military bases like in the movies?

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