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It bugs me to no end that people seem to be dense to this. Vaccines pass through your system in 48 hours. They are in, done their job, and gone in two days. Their job is not to keep you from being infected but to educate your body’s immune system as to what a specific infection looks like so it can quickly recognize and attack the infections. This speed is essential because infections can multiply very quickly to the point of overwhelming the immune system. That’s when you get sick.

If you are vaccinated and have a good, strong immune system the first signs of infection are recognized and the infection is dealt with early while you are still in the asymptomatic phase. You have the infection but you have no indication you have it. Your body gets rid of it at that point so you never knew you were infected.

If your immune system is somehow compromised to some degree you can develop symptoms from the infection but still with the faster reaction time your body has due to the vaccine you are going to fare far better than you would with a compromised immune system and no vaccine. I don’t think that’s too difficult to understand.

So with a COVID-19 infection the first place the virus strikes is your nose and its sinuses. Your body is going to begin fighting it there. Regardless of your vaccination status if someone with the infection blesses you with their respiratory droplets the virus will attempt to set up virus factories in the cells of your sinus linings. These factories create specific amino acids that your vaccination taught your body to look out for.

The moment your body detects that these amino acids are present anti-bodies pounce and start killing the viruses. Your infection may be over in just a few hours. However, during this time it’s possible that you have shared some of these viruses with others. This is why with infections rates rising, regardless of whether you’ve been vaccinated or not, we are being asked to wear a mask when we are inside and around large groups of people. Is this that hard to understand?

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