A new beginning

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Well, it happened. I lost about eighteen years of my writings about a year ago and I’m just now accepting that and starting everything afresh. I have backups of my old data but the backups got corrupted so maybe one day I’ll get some or all of it back but not for a while.

In that first run I was really all over the place. This time I’m going to try to be a little more structured and a lot more focused. I am interested in History so that will be one focus. I’m also interested in genealogy and that will be another but genealogy and history tie in so closely that you will see crossovers and combinations there.

At the moment I have a huge interest in going back to the written word, and by that I truly mean “written.” Like in fountain pen, ink, and paper written. I’m still a huge consumer of technology but I’m finding a huge pleasure in writing with pen and ink.

Basically I’ve found that OneNote and EverNote just don’t get it for me for taking notes. I’ve also discovered that my hand cramps while taking notes with pencils, ballpoint, or rollerball pens. I’ve started using a fountain pen and I’m blown away by how I can just keep writing and writing with little effort and no pain.

My one problem is my penmanship. My writing is legible but looks a little sloppy. I’ve moved away from using cursive over the years and more into printing but both look sloppy. Because cursive is so much faster for me than printing and both are legible I’m using cursive more and more.

Those of you who think I’m limiting my audience to just boomers and older are wrong. My eight year old granddaughter can read my cursive handwriting just fine and is, herself, anxious to learn writing in cursive. Anyway, I’d like to write about various fountain pens, ink, paper, and ways to tuneup my penmanship.

Finally, I’m going to aim for a structured publishing schedule. I’m wanting to shoot for an article a week published on Monday mornings. I’ll also shoot for a Wednesday update if one is required. I look forward to this new beginning.

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